escapehecks 6 februari 2020

Explore Heck’s

Experience the feel of the golden age all over again on the new Heck’s hotspot in the centre of Amsterdam. You will surely enjoy the unique atmosphere inside and on the terrace with a nice view on the square and the statue of Rembrandt.

What the Heck?!

In the 1930’s till late in the 1960’s Heck’s was a well-known name in the history of the hospitality industry. The formula was known for good & affordable food, drinks and entertainment. There were several restaurants throughout the Netherlands and at the Rembrandtplein there was the “Great Heck’s” with a capacity of 900 guests

Now in 2021 Heck’s returns in the same building, with a cozier capacity, but with the same formula for good & affordable food, bites and drinks. Be inspired by the decorations, the Paris styling, the luxurious stools, the birdcage, the romantic seatings, the stained glass, the sunroom, the louvre wall and the impressive lightning sculpture above the round bar in the middle of location.

Be impressed and enjoy the atmosphere at Heck’s Amsterdam with the finest food and drinks.